Health first, weight second – Day 4

Apple slice healthy food background vector 02

I have completely committed myself to my health and I have started posting on my food blog again and I’ve really been making an effort to eat more balanced and look after my body. Health first, weight loss second. I also went to gym today, which was great. I haven’t been going because gym became a weight loss tool, it stopped being fun and I didn’t enjoy it anymore. Today I simply walked on the treadmill and didn’t check the calories or my step count or the kilometres.

Healthy eating and working out is for me – it’s not for ED!

Having a glass of wine and dinner and I have switched my cellphone off because I don’t feel like a distraction. Electricity has just gone out and there is thunder outside.

Me and my macbook, writing and relaxing and I will possibly go to sleep at 7pm.


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