Will you catch me when I fall – Day 9


We met for breakfast because we both had a lot to do so wanted to see each other early just in case we missed each other. Landed up having breakfast, and then going to the movies and then lunch and drinks and I got home at 17:30.

It was wonderful. I fall more and more every minute for him and I am horrified. Next week we are going on holiday and I cannot wait! Its going to be wonderful to be alone just the two of us, relaxing on the beach. Being away from all the drama that is going on here with my divorce and the death of his friend and his ex girlfriend and work and my pressure from resigning and trying to figure out where the hell I will be going to next.

So excited, so scared of how hard I am falling.

It’s like driving down a dead end street and no one is going to turn around until we reach the end and are forced to…


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