Limbo – Day 11


I’m not sure if I am expecting a miracle, a life change or something bigger from Israel. But I know I am expecting something. It’s what I’m counting on, everything is riding on Israel. For some reason it’s as if I am expecting to arrive in Tel Aviv and come across Pandoras box. Open it and be exposed to a whole new world. The box is holding all the answers to all my questions and the box ironically will be posing more questions I am sure.

Now I am neither here nor there. Waiting for Israel and feeling sad, empty, hopeful and a little lost. Waking up to hear from Israel. Dreaming about my backpack. Dreaming about walking for days. I did’t want to get out of bed this morning. I wanted to sleep until I get that call. That call from Israel – my hop and my saviour.

Depression just is – much like the weather – it just is…

Author: gettingmyheartbrokengenerally

If you asked what I do in my spare time I'd answer... Getting my heart broken generally. Running a business, navigating into my 30's with incredible family and friends. Where I am now, 4 years after divorce, travel and relationships.

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