I am feeling so anxiety ridden.

The wind is howling, the trees swaying and it feels like the weather is matching my insides. How is it that our moods flit so quickly. Much like the weather now a days, climate change and gloabal warming, we experience four seasons in one day. Rain when the sun is shining and wind howling when a few moments ago the sun was setting slowly.

Depression just is, much like the weather, it just is.

I can’t sleep, I usually go to bed really early but tonight I just cannot fall asleep.

Because the little voice in my head keeps telling me lies about how weak and useless I am.

The Golan is where a part of my soul will always lie – Day 6

The couple that owns the hostel have become my best friends and I am so sad to be leaving them and to leave the Golan. The Golan has been my home for almost 4 weeks and I have had the most incredible experience here. If anyone is ever in Israel, it is an absolute must to visit Alon and Milou at Golan Garden Hostel


No matter how much everyone here is guilt tripping me and begging me to stay. I have to move on and keep exploring.

I received an email today and a hostel in Mitzpe Ramon has agreed to have me as a volunteer for two weeks. Ironically Alon and Milou have put a good word in for me, because usually they only accept volunteers for a month, but they pulled strings and I am going for two weeks.

So this is my last week of the Golan, exploring and hiking and making the most of every second! Then off to the Greenbackpackers.


Only 3 weeks to go – Day 5

I cannot believe that I have exactly 3 weeks left in Israel.

This past 5 weeks have been a roller coaster ride. So many ups and downs, I have been all over the place emotionally, my eating disorder has made many appearances that have left me numb. Suicidal thoughts and depression snuck up on me with no warning. I miss my family and friends, at times it was unbearable.

I have walked hundreds of kilometers, eaten hummus to my hearts content and met people from all walks of love. I’ve blown my nose with a piece of paper from my notebook in order to save toilet paper. I have become friends with people who have the kindest souls. Minefields and waterfalls, I’ve lugged my backpack along the Jordan river and I’ve managed with two outfits and no make up 🙂

It’s been an experience of a life time.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am so proud of myself for hanging in there when the times got rough!

Next stop…

The desert

Minefield on your left, Minefield on your right, best go straight – Day 4

I did it!

I slept on the Northern side of the Jordan river 🙂 it was so amazing to be back in my tent. I loved every second of it.

I hiked the Gilabon and along the Jordan river. The Gilabon was my favorite, it was absolutely magnificent. There was a section that was a meter wide and on each side there was barbwire with signs saying minefields, with small tunnels that were covered with grass and you had crawl underneath.

I am scratched and bruised all over my legs.

I forgot my fork, so I ate my dinner with the edge of my toothpaste tube hahahaha.

In nature.

It’s where I belong and it’s where I am happiest.

Who knew.

I have always been a city girl, I love make up and I love doing my hair. I love fine wine and painting my nails and dressing up.

But boy does it feel good to be in a war zone, scratches on my legs, cheeks blood red, hair filthy and carrying 10kilograms on my back…

Happy Birthday you evil bitch – Day 3

EDNOS turns 10 years old this year.

Since the tender age of 16 we have been friends.

We had our breaks from each other. For years at a time we were only in contact once in a while. But our friendship never ended. We will always be there for each other in times of need.


Lets go binge and purge on your birthday cake…

PART 8- I miss marriage

I haven’t posted in this part yet.

I am feeling blank lately. I feel nothing yet I feel everything. All at once. All the time.

I have come to the realization that I miss being a wife. I miss my home and doing laundry and doing dishes and preparing meals. I miss the caretaker role, I miss looking after someone and loving someone.

I miss marriage.

I don’t miss my marriage.

I am so grateful that we ended our relationship, and I am much happier now.

However, I do miss marriage and I hope that one day I am fortunate enough to experience it again.