Set up camp 



Walked from Tiberius to Kinneret. Camping next to the Jordan river for the night. This is where Jesus was baptized – just in case. Feeling much more optimistic and courageous than yesterday and this morning. 

Took forever, but managed to set up my tent. Made myself dinner and tea. Spilled my tea all over my sleeping bag so I shall be using my towel as a blanket tonight – lord have mercy! And it’s cold. And there are loud noises – jackals. And screeching birds. And every time a twig moves I get the fright of my life. 

I have bruised my lower back because for some reason on my backpack, there is something hurting me and I can’t figure out what or what to do about it! 

I’m fucking horrified. Horrified. Just horrified.  

The boy from Canada gave me a flick knife. And I hold it constantly. Like what am I going to do – stab a jackal or human? I mean come on…

Ironically I am petrified yet having a whale of a time and feeling incredibly liberated and like I could take on the world. 


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