Maybe I am undefinable – Day 18 

Maybe I am in fact this person. 

Maybe I am not this person. 

I don’t think we can be defined so easily, we are such complex beings with so many facets. 

I wanted to go home, I was binging and purging and anxiety ridden. The last two days I am living this experience every second of every day. And I’m loving it. 

The people, the mountains and the hikes. The hummus and the independent I feel. 

Maybe just maybe I am not this person but I also am this person. 

I can’t be defined.

Author: gettingmyheartbrokengenerally

If you asked what I do in my spare time I'd answer... Getting my heart broken generally. Running a business, navigating into my 30's with incredible family and friends. Where I am now, 4 years after divorce, travel and relationships.

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