I missed you – Day 6


How typical of the universe.

Last week I posted about my concern that A and I spend way too much time together and I’m starting to wonder if its a good thing. Well…now I haven’t seen him for 3 nights in a row because I’ve been so busy at work.

Strangely its been good. I miss his a hell of a lot and its awful not seeing his smile everyday but I’ve been doing so much work, and spending time at my house and reading and actually hanging out with me again 🙂

Saw him this evening and it was magic 🙂 he was smiling so much and giggled when we kissed and when I asked whats funny, he simply said ‘nothing, I’m just really happy :)’

Its amazing to be back in his arms.

Friends – Day 9



I haven’t seen my two best friends since their wedding. We keep making plans and then one of us are unable to make it.

To be completely honest, I haven’t particularly put in much effort.

Things have just never been the same since I came back from Israel and since they planned the wedding.

She became bridezilla and I didn’t appreciate the way she treated me while I was making her dress. The two of them have said that I chose A over them and she has never been particularly open armed with him. Then they told me that they saved my life – which pissed me off. Because they helped me so much through my divorce which I will always appreciate, I just really didn’t expect them to say ‘we saved your life’. That was a bit upsetting because now I feel like I have to repay them or something.

And now…

I just don’t have the desire to even see them and this is worrying.