Happy Birthday to the past – Day 14


Its my ex husbands birthday today and I didn’t say Happy Birthday.

Last year I did, and he said I sent him into a dark depression just by hearing my voice. So this years I completely avoided contact at all costs.

I hope he had a fabulous day however!


Happy Birthday 25daysofdivorce – Day 25


My blog turns 1 year old today πŸ™‚

I cannot believe this blog has been going for a year already and I cant believe everything thats happened.

How much I have grown and how much the blog has grown.

In the past year:

Got divorced,

Moved into my own flat,

Quit my job,

Started dating,

Recovery for eating disorder – still doing this,

Backpacked through Israel solo,

Started a relationship with the most wonderful man,

Started a business

Blogged every day for a year

And probably a whole lot more πŸ˜‰

I’m so proud and grateful to every single follower and reader, Thanks so much for all your love and support πŸ™‚

Birthday surprise – Day 4


Happy birthday beautiful girl!

It’s my best friends birthday today and her boyfriend flew me down to surprise her, it was magical, she had no idea I was coming! We spent the day at wine farms drinking and eating and laughing and talking absolute rubbish and then discussing the most serious aspects of life.

It was perfect

Happy Birthday you evil bitch – Day 3

EDNOS turns 10 years old this year.

Since the tender age of 16 we have been friends.

We had our breaks from each other. For years at a time we were only in contact once in a while. But our friendship never ended. We will always be there for each other in times of need.


Lets go binge and purge on your birthday cake…

4 years old – Day 21


We had a birthday party for my nephew πŸ™‚

I’ll never forget the day that kid was born. I remember what I was wearing and I remember the smells of the hospital. The shock horror on my sisters face when she looked at her new born baby. He was so tiny it was frightening, everyone was too scared to even hold him, my mom had to bath him. My brother in laws eyes as big as saucers. I can’t remember when last we were all so overwhelmed.

Fast forward four years later and there isn’t much that brings me more joy than seeing his smile and hearing his laugh.

I baked him a spiderman cake and he wanted to help me decorate it – he then decided it was way more fun decorating my face with chocolate icing.