Bye Bye – Day 4, 5, 6, 7


So I haven’t written all week because this week has been so difficult.

I’m not good at being harsh and hard. I want to be nice and sweet and help everyone.

Today however I had to ask my friend to leave our studio because she has missed rent two months in a row and has made 4 garments in our collection when I have made 9.

I’ve hardly slept all week, worrying about this and now its over.

And now I have to do everything on my own. Both collections on my own!

And I have lost so much money doing this deal with her and so much time 😦 feeling defeated and sad and scared for the future.

I have my own business – Day 17


I still cant get used to saying that!

Maybe because I am making no money or because its still all so surreal and I do feel as if I am just playing the fool.

Our collection is coming along slowly but surely and I’ve made a range of jackets that my mom is going to try sell which will be great.

I am scared I will admit. Scared of failing and possibly even more afraid of succeeding.

This is the begining – Day 25


So I am starting a business.

I had a chat with my parents and my brother and they are so happy and so excited and supportive. I found a studio last week to rent in a really great area. So they helping me pay the deposit and the rent for the first few months until I get everything off the ground.

So I am officially starting my own label…

Excited yet scared.