Thanks for the reminder – Day 23


I spoke to my ex husband today about a few payments and debit orders that have been going out of my account for his medical scheme. Naturally he won’t pay me the money back. It’s fine.


Speaking to him brought on so much anxiety, I even drank an urbanol. I had a lump in my throat speaking to him and just his tone of voice makes me scared and want to cry. Which is so ironic because he comes across as the sweetest man ever.

Thanks for the reminder that leaving you was the best thing I ever did. Things are so much better now that you are not around.

Honestly I’m so grateful.

Remember – Day 17


A and I drove down to the wedding with one of my friends and as we arrived I had to head to the rehearsal.

N was there – last September, if you follow my blog you should remember him, I fell for him like grains of sand through your hands – fast and uncontrollably and there was no stopping and no catching me. He moved to New York and I haven’t seen or spoken to him since mid December. We had a nice chat about his adjustment to New York and his new job and about my trip to Israel. I will admit, it felt good to be with him, speaking to him and being around his personality and his warmth.

‘Is that guy from earlier your boyfriend’ he asked,

‘Yeah’ I smiled shyly.

‘Thats awesome, I’m so happy for you. He seems like a nice guy’

‘Yeah I like him’, I giggled.

Apparently he was staring at me and A while were chatting and kissing and I was sitting on his lap. My friend nudged my arm and as I looked up I looked straight into N’s eyes.