Remember – Day 17


A and I drove down to the wedding with one of my friends and as we arrived I had to head to the rehearsal.

N was there – last September, if you follow my blog you should remember him, I fell for him like grains of sand through your hands – fast and uncontrollably and there was no stopping and no catching me. He moved to New York and I haven’t seen or spoken to him since mid December. We had a nice chat about his adjustment to New York and his new job and about my trip to Israel. I will admit, it felt good to be with him, speaking to him and being around his personality and his warmth.

‘Is that guy from earlier your boyfriend’ he asked,

‘Yeah’ I smiled shyly.

‘Thats awesome, I’m so happy for you. He seems like a nice guy’

‘Yeah I like him’, I giggled.

Apparently he was staring at me and A while were chatting and kissing and I was sitting on his lap. My friend nudged my arm and as I looked up I looked straight into N’s eyes.