Home and drunk – Day 18


When last did you throw up from drinking too much?

Months? Years?

It has been such a long time ago that I cannot even recall. But because I haven’t been drinking lately for the marathon training, I got pissed and I got sick and it happened quickly.

A and I came home to the farm to visit my family and we spent the night with my parents and had so much fun that the drinks just kept flowing and my dad and I were singing duets.

It was fantastic

Home roadtrip – Day 14


A and I drove all the way to my parents farm today, took us forever because we felt the need to stop in a town and catch pokemon lol.

It was so much fun travelling with him, chatting and singing at the top of our lungs, eating snacks and holding hands.

It is so magical being at home with my parents and its so much more special to have my favourite person with me 🙂

Say something like ‘you love me’ – Day 7 

A and I went for a drive around the farm on the jeep and had so much fun. I assured him that if we opened the one gate and went through it, the cattle would not walk throughout the gate because we would be quick. Not one cow, but two cows ran through the gate into the other camp. We herder them back, A riding the jeep and me trying to herd the cows on foot. Laughing so much that we had tears in our eyes. By the time we got the cattle throughout the gate, there was the most beautiful sunset and we drove home watching the sunset. Laughing at ourself and repeating the story. Kissing so every often and smiling with our jaws wide. 
I still don’t know the status between the two of us. 
I guess I’m just waiting for the day for him to ask me and to assure me, because I know he has the heart. I guess I really am hoping that he will stay with me and he will tell me that he has loved me all this time.