Fitting – Day 16


Today was the fitting with my model for the photoshoot and the clothes looked absolutely stunning on her.

For the first time in a long time I actually got excited about it all. My clothing actually inspired me again because it was as if I was looking at everything through fresh eyes again.

Bye Bye – Day 4, 5, 6, 7


So I haven’t written all week because this week has been so difficult.

I’m not good at being harsh and hard. I want to be nice and sweet and help everyone.

Today however I had to ask my friend to leave our studio because she has missed rent two months in a row and has made 4 garments in our collection when I have made 9.

I’ve hardly slept all week, worrying about this and now its over.

And now I have to do everything on my own. Both collections on my own!

And I have lost so much money doing this deal with her and so much time 😦 feeling defeated and sad and scared for the future.

Well…What does this mean for business – Day 23


Only a month and a half ago I started my own business and I’m sharing the studio space with an ex colleague and friend.

We’re also doing a ready to wear collection together.

She missed rent last month…

Today she found out she is three months pregnant.


Babies are awesome. But when they unplanned its tricky. And when its someone you working with and they owe you money its even more tricky…

Because babies play on my emotions. And now I don’t know how to be business like and get the money.

I have my own business – Day 17


I still cant get used to saying that!

Maybe because I am making no money or because its still all so surreal and I do feel as if I am just playing the fool.

Our collection is coming along slowly but surely and I’ve made a range of jackets that my mom is going to try sell which will be great.

I am scared I will admit. Scared of failing and possibly even more afraid of succeeding.