I think I would have died by accident – Day 17


Yesterday I was feeling ill and I felt the flu coming on but today it has hit me like a ton of bricks!

I felt so sick, shaking and my body sore and the highest temperature imaginable that I even started crying and then A decided that was it. And we decided to come home. We were only meant to leave tomorrow. But I felt so ill and he wasn’t feeling great so we came home and went to sleep at 6pm.

And A took such great care of me, running me a bath and making me tea and sandwiches. I love him so much


Still sick – Day 7


Still sick.

I must say, this weekend has been so lovely. Of course its terrible that A is sick, but its been so nice to spend the whole weekend together in a home. Cooking and eating and laying on the couch.

Its been nice to look after him too.

I really miss being a wife I will admit it.

I miss having someone with me, cooking and chatting and spending time together.