Bye Bye Israel – PART 9 – Day 1


Last time I catch the bus in Israel.

I catch the Metropoline bus from Mitzpe Ramon to Beersheva and I just stare out the window. I honestly cannot believe that I fly him today after two months of travelling this across this magical country. This country that will forever hold a piece of my heart. I stare out the window at the endless landscape of desert mountains. The desert doesn’t always look the same, the richness is so alive, the scenery changes with almost every turn. From a clear blue sky contrasting with red sandy mountains and smooth rocky cliffs, the closer we get to Beersheva the greener it becomes and the sans are lighter shades of taupes and browns. These montains that hold some of my tears and my screams that I scream as I got to the top of a difficult climb.

I’m just in time to catch the train so I at least don’t have to wait for a long time in the train station. The trains are so spacious in Israel, which helps with all my luggage. I’ve had to sell half my belongings just to fit all the gifts in that I bought for everyone.

I arrive at the airport and before the luggage drop off and being issued my ticket I get asked a million questions. In typical Israeli fashion, each person gets asked a string of questions and my heart bleeds for the poor Canadian girl to my right who has spent about 15minutes being questioned and all I keep thinking to myself is ‘please let me get someone else for the questioning, please don’t let me be questioned by the woman who is harassing the poor Canadian girl’.

And luckily I wasn’t, but I was still questioned and my god did I try to be charming. The questions are as follows:

‘Where in Israel did you travel?’

‘Are you Jewish?’ – I lied and said my grandmother is Jewish, yes ok, I lied in the holy land.

‘Can you speak hebrew?’

‘Can you read or write Hebrew?’

‘Why were you in Turkey?’

‘Where did you stay in Turkey? Do you have family and friends there?’

‘Is there someone we can contact in Israel to prove you were with them?’

‘Did anyone give you any gifts? Are you sure?’

And so on and so on…

Eventually made it through…

Good bye my loves – Day 9 

Tonight Milou and Alon kidnapped me from the hostel and took me to their house for a quiet dinner. 

Quiet? Yeah right. 

We are Dutch pancakes, sang and played cards. Drank wine and listened to African music and spoke about our hometowns. 

3 different nationalities. 3 different cultures. 3 different languages. 

But we were one. 

No matter where we are from or who we are. We live in the same world. This beautiful, sick, twisted world and we all share one thing- emotion. 

We all love. 

We all cry. 

We are all one 

Bleh – Day 8

I spent most of my day binging and purging on cornflakes – I mean seriously. 

I’m sad and nervous and anxious. 

On Friday I’m off to the desert for my last two weeks. I am so sad to leave the Golan. I hardly leave the hostel because it’s as if I am trying to soak up all the energy and memories and love from the walls so that I never forget this place. 

The friends I have made have become like my family. 

I don’t know if I will ever see them again? 

That’s the most challenging part. We become so close. For a month we are best friends and we do everything together. We are open and we speak freely with each other and we become so comfortable. As if we have known each other forever. 


In one good bye. 

You could be saying good bye forever.