Home and drunk – Day 18


When last did you throw up from drinking too much?

Months? Years?

It has been such a long time ago that I cannot even recall. But because I haven’t been drinking lately for the marathon training, I got pissed and I got sick and it happened quickly.

A and I came home to the farm to visit my family and we spent the night with my parents and had so much fun that the drinks just kept flowing and my dad and I were singing duets.

It was fantastic

House Party TAKE 2 – Day 20


After A came to bed at 05h00 this morning, we then woke up at 07h00 because we had t run a 10km this morning for training. Needless to say – we only did 5km’s and we walked and A held onto me the whole way, looking as if he was either going to hurl or cry or probably a combination of both.

Another 9 friends came over at 14h00 and hen we started again. With beers and next thing three bottles of gin were gone and we were playing Indian war signs. Its been so much fun having the house to ourselves and being able to host and have everyone over 🙂

Hopped into bed by 21h00 which was amazing – naturally I was slightly annoyed with A because we said we’d spend the night alone but hey – thats life – and him and everyone else went out partying.

House Party – Day 19

Frank the Tank.jpg

We had an awesome dinner party where I made greek salad, roasted baby potatoes, lam chops and chicken kebabs. I was feeling so inspired that I even made blue velvet cupcakes and I forgot to take photos!

My best friends came over and the two of A’s friends. Naturally we landed up going out to a bar and I got to bed at about 2 – but A and the boys thought it be wise if they stayed up until 5am.

The bride, The divorcee and the Single mom – Day 14


My best friends mini bachelorette party. We had a mini party as the one will all the guests will be held shortly before the wedding.

Bachelorette parties are meant to be wild and make you feel young and free.

Well the three of us went out to dinner and discussed serious matters such as marriage, divorce and children as well as what we want from our careers and from our partners and from life. Shit got real haha. At the age of 26, one of us is getting married, I have been divorced and my other best friend has been a single mom for 5 years already.  This is honestly not where I thought we would be at this stage in our lives, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

The wine was flowing and after dinner we went to a bar and the shots started flowing! Thats where the chaos started and we were reminded that we were not eighteen anymore because the hangover this morning is no joke

Good times were had by all 🙂

Imagine a Christmas tree made from wine bottle – Day 5


My besties. I love them more than anything.

They are my home.

My soul family.

We had a Christmas lunch and it was so much fun! We set the table, cooked a lot of food, ate until we could explode (naturally I restricted all day for this). Drank wine, laughed and bonded.

It was lovely.

It was perfect.

Divorce Party – Day 24

FullSizeRender copy

Look at my spectacular cake hahaha

Last night was very depressing honestly that we’re celebrating the death of my marriage.

We are however celebrating that the struggle is over. The chapter has been closed. A new chapter is beginning.

A new journey, my journey.

Oh come on – Day 8


Slept over at his house last night and then went to gym this morning, stopped at home on my way to work to grab some breakfast because I have no money so I can’t buy breakfast! Landed up binging on 3 bowls of granola, WHY?


Leave me alone bulimia.

My thighs are touching, when I walk I can feel it and it revolts me and then I say to myself ‘love yourself’. It doesn’t really work, but I am trying at least. I am not my shell – I have been at so many weight points this year and none of my relationships have changed. No one has even mentioned my weight really, not many have even noticed. It truly is just me that judges myself so harshly and is so critical.

So tonight I went to a memorial party in the park for my aunts mum, she passed away during the week and she was such a lovely lady. She was 93. I can picture her smile, she had terrible Alzheimer’s so every time she saw me, which was weekly, she would say I have grown into such a lovely young lady and she cant believe its been about 5 years since she saw me 🙂 she was so sweet. We had a really lovely time having wine and pizza and telling stories and catching up with family.

After the memorial I went to a party with my friend Andrew ( which I feel really guilty about because I feel like I should spend the night with Him) because we always hang out on weekends. I’m so torn. I don’t know why even. I am totally trying to be a man about it and not panic like a little girl. The party was amazing, I met so many lovely people it was really fun! Andrew and I also kissed, we were drunk and it was nice and then he asked to go upstairs and I said no – because I really didn’t want to, because I don’t like him in that way and because that would have just been mean because I would be leading him on. So we just went back to the party and chilled.