I wish everybody knew whats so great about you – Day 15


Spent the night with Andrew 🙂 and woke up and chatted in bed and watched the Hangover in bed.

Its like baby white rabbits out in the rain, I didn’t understand what it meant then and I don’t understand what it means now.
The garden, the rain, barefoot on the grass, a stranger, a touch.
And now I wonder am I the one you think about when you sitting in your chair, do you wish I was there?
I said I wouldn’t, but I guess I did.
Now how sad it would be to waste this when the sun peaks out.
Lets just keep dancing around in your childhood room.
You hold me up and my legs sway high above the ground.
I said I wouldn’t, but I guess I did.

Happy place


I woke up anxious. So I looked inside and I turned into me. I’m wearing a denim dress and a teal bowler hat. I’m that girl that sits in the book store reading with a cup of coffee. It’s my happy place. When I sit with all these books around me I feel at peace. It’s like a whole new world, filled with stories and opportunities. I love the wooden shelves, the colours and the smells. The different fonts, the hard covers and the soft covers. Fiction and classics, and so much to explore. The feeling of the pages on the tips of my fingers. The endless possibilities, where you can for hours be transported to a different world. You’re a different character. You’re a new person in new surroundings, you have new friends and you have new dreams. You look different, you look however you want to look.

You’re a complicated girl that needs simple things – Day 8


You’re a complicated girl that needs simple things, all you need is your books and your pen and paper. A few friends. You need to be cared for, not taken care of and you need to be appreciated. If you have those things, you will be alright.