Home roadtrip – Day 14


A and I drove all the way to my parents farm today, took us forever because we felt the need to stop in a town and catch pokemon lol.

It was so much fun travelling with him, chatting and singing at the top of our lungs, eating snacks and holding hands.

It is so magical being at home with my parents and its so much more special to have my favourite person with me 🙂

Fingers crossed – Day 8


I have sent everything to the Kibbutz! I should know in a few days if I am accepted. If I am I will be leaving 28 December already! I am so nervous and excited and scared.

Fingers crossed that I get to go!

Conversation I have with most people:
‘Are you sure you want to go to a Kibbutz?’
Me – ‘Yes I’m sure’
‘So you really going?’
Me – ‘Yes’
‘Are you serious?’
Me – ‘Yes, why does no one believe me!’

If I stay here, trouble will find me,
if I stay here, I will never leave.
I will always think of you,
I will always call you my home.

Besties – Day 16


Off to Clarens with my two besties to look for a wedding venue for them.

Its so lovely being with them. We did some shopping, drank beer and had lunch. Went to her farm to spend the evening with her parents and I was so sleepy I slept most of the time.

It was so lovely. Love those kids.

They are my everything.