Rugga – when you’re interests change – Day 24


Went with A and the family to watch rugby today at Loftes in Pretoria and it was amazing. We played against Australia and by some miracle we won – we played terribly. Kicking the ball from one side of the field to the other side over and over again with no tactics – pointless.

I never liked rugby.

My ex husband would be horrified if he saw me at games and speaking about rugby.

But A loves it. He absolutely loves it and I have been converted to a fan all because of him. Because of the joy he feels for the game, the excitement. The way he picks me up and high fives me and kisses me when we score a try and the way he lies on my shoulder sad when we lose. Its not the game, its how much he loves it that has made me love it 🙂

What rhymes with hug me, must be rugby – Day 2

Super-RUgby-Ball-640x320.jpgSpent the day with my best friend in the morning and then went to rugby with A and his parents in the afternoon and dinner with them 🙂

A’s favourite team is in the semi final next week and he is so excited. Its the cutest thing to watch him 🙂